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What is MyGLOBUL menu?


MyGLOBUL menu is the new opportunity for fast and easy access to various references, information and entertainment services directly from your handset. Your new SIM card can be a discrete assistant, who will inform you about weather or currency exchange rates every day; a cheerful friend who will make you laugh by telling you inexhaustible jokes, update you about your favorite football championship or just introduce you to new and interesting people. It can become an astrologer who will predict your future or a dedicated psychologist who will test your unique character. Why not a chef that has fascinating recipes tailored to your taste, cocktails and even aphrodisiacs!

All this is possible now – all you have to do is open the MyGLOBUL menu of your handset and follow the submenus to choose the services that you like. If you want, you can subscribe to the services selected by you through the menu of your SIM card. With MyGLOBUL menu you will be the first to learn about new services and promotional offers from GLOBUL. You can add our newest services to the menu of your card free of charge. You just have to accept our offers (for addition to your menu or access to a promo service) sent to you through an interactive menu. MyGLOBUL menu is dynamic and will be updated regularly with our most current services.


Scheme of MyGLOBUL menu in your new 64K SIM card:

In order to use the services of MyGLOBUL menu, you need to have the new 64K SIM card.
After you locate MyGLOBUL menu in you handset you just have to follow the submenus to select the services of your choice /(see table)/.

If you like, you can get your chosen services as a one-time procedure or make a subscription through the menu of your SIM card.

Some services in MyGlobul menu are associated with forwarding to the WAP page of GLOBUL. Their usage depends on the type and characteristics of your handset. It is necessary that you have applicable settings and a handset that supports “Automatic WAP connection”.


Services are charged according to the effective pricelist of GLOBUL.
More information can be found on GLOBUL portal –


The service is accessible to all GLOBUL customers, who have the new 64K SIM card.
Every mobile handset is compatible with the new 64K SIM card and MyGLOBUL menu.
See how you can locate MyGLOBUL menu on some make/model handsets:

Brand Model location
Nokia 1110i, 1112, 1600, 2100, 2310, 2600, 2626, 3220, 3230, 3250, 5140, 6060, 6070, 6103, 6120 classic, 6260, 6300, 6500 classic, 6630, 6670, 6681, 7250, 7260, 7370, 7380, 7610, 6310i, E50, E60, N70, N90 Menu » MyGLOBUL
N80, N91 Menu » My own » MyGLOBUL
N73 Menu » Applications » MyGLOBUL
Sony Ericsson K700i, K300i, T630, K500i Menu » Connectivity » MyGLOBUL
P990 Menu » Tools » MyGLOBUL
J100 Menu » MyGLOBUL
P900, P910 Menu » Applications » MyGLOBUL
K750i, K510i, K600i, K610, V600, K800, K810i, M600i, T650i, W550i, W610i, W700, W800, W850i, W900i, Z530i, Z710 Menu » Entertainment » MyGLOBUL
J300, Z800i Menu » Settings » Connectivity » MyGLOBUL
Z300 Menu » Interner services » MyGLOBUL
D500, D600, D800, D820, D820, D840, E590, E780, X660, x830, Z150 Menu » Applications » MyGLOBUL
Samsung C300, E330, E600, E800, X200, X300, X460, X480, X600, X640 Menu » MyGLOBUL
A60, A75, AX75, CX75, CL75, M75 Menu » Extras » MyGLOBUL
Siemens C115
Motorola C139
RazrV3, C650, V300, V500, V600, V620, E398 Menu » Office Tools » MyGLOBUL
V3i, V6, L6, ROKR E1, Z3, L7, PEBL U6, K3, W220 Menu » Tools » MyGLOBUL
W375, W208 Menu » Extras » MyGLOBUL
S5200, F2400, M6100 Menu » Service » MyGLOBUL
LG B2100 Menu » MyGLOBUL
KG220, KG800, KG810, P7200 Menu » Tools » MyGLOBUL
KE970 Menu » Tools » SIM services
S110, S200 Start menu » Programs » MyGLOBUL
Qtek 8500, 8600 Start menu » More » MyGLOBUL