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Call 1 Friend

300 additional minutes for calls to preferred GLOBUL number

Call Unlimited

Unlimited voice and video calls with one, two or three numbers within GLOBUL network

Call National

20, 50 or 100 additional minutes for calls to all national networks

globul 60+

The GLOBUL 60+ postpaid programs with the below defined conditions are no longer offered to new or existing subscribers. Check out the latest offers.

The postpaid programs GLOBUL 60+, especially designed for subscribers of 60 and 60+ years of age include:

  • Unlimited calls, SMS, MMS and video calls with up to 3 or up to 5 numbers within the GLOBUL mobile network;
  • Minutes for calls to the entire GLOBUL network and to all national fixed networks.
Postpaid programs
Included minutes to the GLOBUL mobile network and to all national fixed networks / per month 50 min 100 min
Included minutes for calls, video calls, SMS and MMS with additional service GLOBUL Call Unlimited to preferred numbers from the GLOBUL mobile network / per month unlimited
Number of preferred numbers, which may be included for use with the additional service GLOBUL Call Unlimited From 1 to 3 numbers
(GLOBUL Call Unlimited 3)
From 1 to 5 numbers
(GLOBUL Call Unlimited 5)
Price per minute to all national networks after depletion of the included minutes, if applicable 0.32 BGN
Standard monthly subscription fee 6.90 BGN 9.90 BGN
  • Connection to the Customer Service Center at 123;
  • Receiving a detailed paper copy of the bill;
  • Receiving incoming traffic in case of overdue obligation

All services, not listed in the table, are charged according to current GLOBUL's pricelist.

GLOBUL Call Unlimited details


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