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Mobile Number Porting Process


Now you can become a GLOBUL subscriber while keeping the mobile number you are currently using with another provider. This way you are granted the freedom to choose the best subscription plan and service package that the mobile market in Bulgaria can offer you, without the need to change your number, which all of your friends, relatives or business partners already know.

 How to transfer your mobile number to the GLOBUL network?

Visit a shop from GLOBUL's sales network and file in a transfer request for your current mobile number. Then choose your subscription plan with GLOBUL, depending on whether you are a private or business client.

Do nt forget that:

  • The transfer of your number is free of charge and no fee is due.
  • You must be the contract owner of the mobile number you wish to transfer (alternatively you have to be authorized for this).
  • The number(s) that you wish to transfer must be active.
  • You must be the contract owner of the mobile number(s) with the Donating operator as well.

 Additional information

The Transfer Request can be filed either personally or by an authorized person. The representative of a private person must present a specifically attested power of attorney and a representative of a legal entity a generally attested or a specifically attested power of attorney.

By filing the Transfer Request you state your wish to use the mobile services provided by GLOBUL. If you transfer a number and choose to use a prepaid service in the GLOBUL network, a fee of 5 BGN is due. The fee amount is transferred as the initial credit of the prepaid card.

For your convenience GLOBUL will notify you with a text message when your mobile number is already active in the GLOBUL network.

 Transfer timeframes

The maximum legal period for completing the transfer of a mobile number is 2 business days.

 Activation within GLOBUL network

Until the transfer procedure is completed according to the timeframe specified above, you will continue using the services of your current provider. Once the number is activated within the GLOBUL network, it will be immediately de-activated within the network of your old provider.

 Customer protection

1. Once you file a written request for the transfer of your number, your current operator has no right to contact you for the purpose of discussing the advantages or disadvantages of changing your provider or for the purpose of presenting you with new offers, subscription plan changes or new contract conditions.

2.When a call is made to a number that has been transferred to GLOBUL from another network, GLOBUL will notify the caller with a three-second long sound signal. After the signal, the caller has two more seconds to decide whether to continue with the call or to drop it. The caller is not charged for the duration of the signal and the two seconds after that.

You may de-activate this notification and re-activate it at a later stage.

If you are a monthly subscription plan user:

  • By dialing the customer service centre number 123, from your mobile phone and selecting option 3
  • Or by selecting option 9 of the GLOBUL Menu, available by dialing *123#

For users of b-connect prepaid service:

  • By dialing the customer service centre number 123, from your mobile phone and selecting option 5
  • Or by selecting option 8 of the b-connect Menu, available by dialing *123#

For users of FROG prepaid service:

  • By dialing *123*8#

3. The beep signal is approved by the Communications Regulation Commission and could be heard online.