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BlackBerry Add-on packages

 BlackBerry Add-on packages

    To take full advantage of your BlackBerry phone GLOBUL offers additional packages for activation toward the post-paid program you use. Whether you are a new or existing client, select the suitable package for you and activate it quick and easy.

    With the additional BlackBerry packages You add to your subscription:

    • MB packages for Internet surfing and checking your e-mail account
    • Included free SMS and MMS messages

    The service is offered under the following conditions:

    BlackBerry Start Package Standard Package Extra Package
    Monthly fee 13.90 BGN 18.90 BGN 28.90 BGN
    ╠┬ included per month 100 MB 250 MB 1000 MB + unlimited e-mail traffic
    Included SMS in GLOBUL network per month 50 100 150
    Included MMS in GLOBUL network per month 50 100 150
    Price* per MB after the included ╠┬ are used up BGN 0.10 BGN 0.10 unlimited e-mail traffic

      * Unlimited internet traffic refers only to BlackBerry APN. After In case you have chosen APN or globul traffic changing will be 0.10 BGN/MB.

    • The Start package is for users of BlackBerry« Internet Solution.
    • Standard and Extra packages are for users of BlackBerry« Internet Solution, BlackBerry« Enterprise Solution or BlackBerry« Internet+Enterprise Solution.
    • Charging is per ╠┬, rounded up to 1 ╩┬. 1 ╠┬ = 1024 ╩┬ and the initial charging is 1 KB.
    • The bundle with included MB is available via APN, globul or
    • Unused will not be transferred to the next month.
    • SMS/MMS toward the MSISDNs included in F&F Group (if any) will be charged as per the conditions of the program used by the customer. These SMS/MMS will not be discounted by the SMS/MMS packages included in the Blackberry Add-On Packages.
    • The packages and generated traffic are indicated on the monthly invoice.
    • The indicated tariffs apply for traffic within the network of GLOBUL.
    • Charging in roaming is according to the announced prices for GPRS traffic.
    • BlackBerry service may be activated for:
      • New or already purchased SIM card with post-paid voice program plan (the BlackBerry pack could not be used with rate plans GLOBUL Web&Talk, GLOBUL United, GLOBUL Unlimited 39.90 and Generation GLOBUL)
      • New or already purchased DATA SIM card
    • All prices are VAT inclusive.