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BlackBerry Internet Solution

    • Access to 10 business and personal e-mail addresses.
    • Full automatic synchronization of the electronic mail with the mobile phone (e-mail, business and personal contacts, calendar, tasks and notes).
    • "Ðush e-mail" technology: the e-mails are automatically sent to your mobile phone without the need of constant synchronization with the computer, connecting and checking for new messages.
    • Compression of the e-mails and of the files attached to them, which leads to reduced data traffic.
    • Option to create an å-mail address on your BlackBerry® phone:
    • Access to all GLOBUL services , including browsing and content downloading from WEB and WAP, ÌÌS and data transfer
    • Creating and managing å-mail addresses from the mobile phone or the web page of GLOBUL

 What is necessary?

    GLOBUL offers BlackBerry® Internet Solution as a complex solution that includes everything you need in order to use the service

    • BlackBerry® mobile phones for easy usage with integrated functions, such as e-mail, calendar and browser
    • BlackBerry® Service contract - for already purchased or new SIM cards